We are proud to announce the creation of G2 Streaming Academy, a program for streamers to gain exposure through the G2 Esports brand. A few weeks ago, we announced our decision of broadening platforms from exclusively twitch to also include Facebook Live Streaming. We are looking for upcoming streamers who are dedicated to streaming and want to grow their viewer and fan base.

Why partner up with G2 Esports? G2 can offer you our network of Facebook connections and reach to help you gain a following quickly and efficiently. Boasting hundreds of thousands followers across different accounts, G2’s online presence is an instrumental tool for a head start to growing your stream. Other benefits may include; G2 gear, or monetary compensation, depending on the number of hours you can commit to streaming and your potential to grow into fantastic player and/or streamer.

What is asked of you? We ask for a low minimum, but streaming hours are totally up to you! All you have to do is meet the minimum required, anything more than that is only beneficial to yourself. Also, the use of our G2 Academy cover page on Facebook is required, but let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want to use that beauty.

How do you apply? Send an application to academy@G2Esports.com.
Within the application please include: your basic information, streaming experience, links to your social media or twitch channel, and most importantly: why you want to join the G2 Academy. Any additional content inside the email is optional, but the more you tell us, the better we know you.



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