Gamers2.LoL faces Origen in ESL MWC Challenge

Our LoL team is currently in Barcelona, where it will face Origen on Wednesday in the ESL MWC Challenge, with €12,000 at stake in this best-of-three match.

Our League of Legends team is currently in the city of Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, which will play host to the ESL MWC Challenge, a tournament featuring two professional and two amateur teams.

Gamers2 will be face off against Origen, led by former fnatic member Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez. This will be a great opportunity for our players to exact revenge for their 0-2 loss to Origen in the opening round of the European Challenger Series, two weeks ago.

A total of €12,000 will be at stake in this exciting match, with the winner walking away with €10,000, whereas the losing side will get €2,000.

Below you can find the schedule of the event, which will be streamed by ESL Spain (all times CET):

  • 09:30: Team SalsaLoL vs. Over Gaming (Match 1)
  • 10:30: Team SalsaLoL vs. Over Gaming (Match 2)
  • 11:30: Team SalsaLoL vs. Over Gaming (Match 3)
  • 12:30: Award ceremony and interviews
  • 13:30: Gamers2 vs. Origen (Match 1)
  • 14:30: Gamers2 vs. Origen (Match 2)
  • 15:30: Gamers2 vs. Origen (Match 3)
  • 16:30: Award ceremony and interviews

Result: Gamers2 [0:2] Origen

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