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Racing team manager Danny ‘HuskY’ Engels comes from Trier, Germany. In the virtual racing scene he’s better known by the HuskY nickname that brought him fame back in the day when he was competing for SK Gaming. Analytic thinking and a taste for good sport and competition are just few characteristics of Danny.

His most notable gaming achievements: Intel Racing Tour Champion 2007 and winner of a real BMW M6, ESL Pro Series Runner-Up 2007, ESWC World-Vice Champion 2011, Germany’s best Gamer 2011 and Alienware Gaming Masters Champion 2012.

Danny ‘HuskY’ Engels brings his experience to the FA Racing G2 Logitech G team.

Quick facts:
28.04.1990, German
– Intel Racing Tour Winner 2007 (Prize: real BMW M6)
– ESL Pro Series Runner-Up 2007
– ESWC World-Vice Champion 2011
– Germany’s best Gamer 2011
– Pro sim racer for SK Gaming between 2007-2012
– Alienware Gaming Masters Champion 2012,

NVIDIA 3D Vision Champion 2011, ESL Premiership Champion, BMW M3 Challenge Champion, Berlet Racing Tour Champion, Shell V-Power Cup Champion, Masters of Endurance Champion,iPowerGames Finalist, EA Masters Finalist, V-WTCC Finalist, WCG National Finalist,

Logitech G
Logitech G

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