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Our 27-year-old racing team manager Danny ‘HuskY’ Engels comes from Trier, Germany. In the virtual racing scene he’s better known by the HuskY nickname that brought him fame back in the day when he was competing for SK Gaming. Analytic thinking and a taste for good sport and competition are just few characteristics of Danny.

From now on he’ll be sharing his time between managing the G2 Esports racing team and being an applied mathematics student, as well as playing ice hockey during his free time.

His most notable achievements: Intel Racing Tour Champion 2007, ESL Pro Series Runner-Up 2007, ESWC World-Vice Champion 2011, Germany’s best Gamer 2011 and Alienware Gaming Masters Champion 2012.

Danny ‘HuskY’ Engels is ready to bring his experience and establish a racing dream team:

“After a long and very successful sim racing career, I am very honored to be gifted with the opportunity to establish virtual racing in G2 Esports as a manager. Even the biggest brands in real motorsports (e.g. Formula One) have found their ways into esports and will bring exciting times for talented sim racers. I was one of those myself almost a decade ago, I am looking forward to manage the winners of tomorrow and maybe even future racing stars. To get this opportunity in G2 Esports is special for me as I already crossed paths with Carlos a long time ago and G2 has proven to create winners in so many different games already.“

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