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G2 Esports would like to announce the signing of Philip “aizy” Aistrup from dignitas for an undisclosed fee. The Danish player will step into the shoes of Dennis “dennis” Edman, who has been sold to Fnatic.

G2.Kinguin would like to announce that Dennis “dennis” Edman has completed a move to Fnatic for an undisclosed fee. Edman had been part of the club since the acquisition of Kinguin’s roster, and he played an instrumental role in the team’s fantastic run at DreamHack Open-Cluj Napoca.

After the major, Edman expressed his wish to play with his friends at Fnatic. Losing one of our core members was not in our plans, but we still respected his wish and agreed to conduct negotiations with Fnatic. Everyone at G2 would like to thank him for his service and wish him luck and continued success for the future.

Below you can find a statement from Edman about leaving G2:

“I would like to thank G2 for making this possible. I really wanted to play for fnatic and I am glad I will have this opportunity! I would also like to thank G2’s fans and all the players who were part of this incredible team. I wish G2 and the team all the best!”

Now is the time to look ahead! With an event in just a week’s time, we moved swiftly and reached an agreement with dignitas for the transfer of Philip “aizy” Aistrup, who joins our club for an undisclosed fee. Regarded as one of the most gifted talents in the Nordic Counter-Strike scene, Aistrup played for the current TSM team earlier in his career when they were still representing dignitas. He went on to play for a couple of other teams before returning to dignitas at the start of the year. Last weekend, he was in action at the CEVO Season 8 Finals, where he produced some oustanding performances.

We are delighted to have secured the services of such a talented player and we believe that he will settle in quickly at the club. He will make his first LAN appearance for G2.Kinguin at Intel Extreme Masters San Jose, which will take place from November 21st-22nd at the SAP Center. Aistrup had this to say about joining the club:

“I am happy to announce that I am officially a part of G2. I am glad that I have got the chance to play for such a skilled team and for such a professional organisation. I am very much looking forward to making an impact with these guys, and hopefully we will do big things! I would also like to thank dignitas for having me during all this time, and the players there.”

We would like to use this opportunity to commend both Fnatic and Dignitas for the smooth manner in which negotiations were conducted. Please join us in giving Aistrup a warm welcome to G2.Kinguin! We look forward to seeing him in our silver shirt!


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