ayden: “We can beat them all”

The Heroes of the Storm European Championship is about to start, and we sat down with our team’s manager, Radoslaw “Ayden” Kwiatkowski, to know how the bootcamp in Poznan went and what the players’ expectations are going into the tournament.

We are just hours away from the start of the European Championship, the biggest Heroes of the Storm tournament of the year in Europe. Eight teams will pit their wits against each other at the O2 Arena, in Prague, for the title of continental champions. There is a lot more than just bragging rights at stake, however, as $100,000 and two spots at the World Championship will be up for grabs.

Shortly before G2.Kinguin’s first match in Prague, against Virtus.pro, we caught up with Radoslaw “Ayden” Kwiatkowski, the team’s manager, to know how the bootcamp in Poznan went and how the players feel going into the tournament.

What is the feeling on the team, going into the tournament? Are you confident about your chances?

A few weeks ago, I was a bit worried about their attitude and motivation, but after our bootcamp in Poznan and the first two days here in Prague, once again I can see the fire in their eyes that I saw many months ago. We know we can advance to the World Championship and we know we can beat all of them. It is time to prove it!

How did the bootcamp go? What aspects did you focus on during those days of practise?

We had to improve many aspects like our early game, our in-game communication, late shotcalling and our own motivation. We got rid of many stupid mistakes we were doing, we are more patient now and our final test will come just in time.

With two spots at Worlds up for grabs, do you think it will be possible to qualify?

First of all, we need to focus on the group stage, because our group is very hard. We have three extremely strong teams in our group, and they are not here just by chance. We have played against them countless times and lost to them a few times. It is not going to be easy, fo sure, but we have not been slacking in the past weeks.

Looking at your opponents in the tournament, what teams do you think that can cause you the biggest troubles?

It’s really hard to say at the moment, because in the past months a lot has changed. There are at least five teams who can take the title here. Our biggest enemy is without a doubt Team Liquid, whom we have not been able to beat yet, but lately we have proved that we can be a really hard opponent for them.


Failure is not an option, says the team’s manager, Radoslaw “Ayden” Kwiatkowski

Your first match will be against Virtus.pro. This is the team that sent you out of MSI Masters. Are you looking for revenge?

This time there is no room for defeat. We cannot afford to lose against them and we won’t! We are actually happy that they are our first opponent, as we are definitely not scared of them. They are strong, but will they be strong enough? We shall see.

What is your opinion about the current meta? What sort of crazy tactics will we see from teams at the European Championship?

I think nothing crazy will come out, but during our practice we saw many teams copying the Korean meta, which is a three-frontlane lineup or just picking  unusual heroes like Sonya. Who knows, maybe we will be the one who will surprise everyone with something?

What is your opinion about the team now? How are things going with Baczek?

The team is more confident about everything and their mindset is better, but we are still working on our ingame communication. our in-game communication. Adrd was our captain, he was making a lot of good calls and was still a great asset to our team. Baczek is without a doubt a more skilled player and fits our team better in terms of personality. We are all good mates, and that is proof of how strong we have become. I wish every team in the world could have such strong bonds as we do right now.

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