bodyy: “Reaching the Pro League playoffs is possible”

Before the start of the ESL Pro League Finals, we caught up with our newest CS:GO player, Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro, and discussed with him this week’s event, his first month on the team and the criticism targeted at Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux.

It has been little over a month since Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro signed for G2 Esports to fill the spot that belonged to Belgian veteran Kévin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans. For the 19-year-old, lauded as one of the rising talents in the French scene, it was the biggest challenge in his career, and he has been able to prove his worth in the game.

The real journey starts now, however: at DreamHack Masters Malmö, the team was not able to show its true strength as bodyy had just arrived on the team and Richard “shox” Papillon had just taken over as in-game leader. With a month’s practice, the players will be looking to impress at the ESL Pro League Finals, also with an eye on the events that will follow, ELEAGUE and the offline qualifier for ESL One Cologne.

The ESL Pro League finals will obviously be a good test for us after one month of practice,” Pianaro said. “We will give our best to show what we are capable of. Our results in Malmö did not represent anything as we had barely had any practice leading up to the event.

In Leicester — where the group matches will be played —, the team will face MLG Columbus champions Luminosity, Danish giants Astralis and Canadian side OpTic Gaming. It is without a doubt a very strong trio of teams, but bodyy is confident about G2’s chances and has set his sights on a top-four finish.

I think that, with that we have shown over the past month, reaching the playoffs is quite possible, especially if we are able to play some best-of-three games,” he reckons. “I can definitely see us reaching the playoffs if we show our A game.


bodyy believes SmithZz will prove his critics wrong (Photo provided by

With shox now calling the shots, the team has taken a 180-degree turn in its play style and thought process. One month is hardly enough time to get all the basics right, but bodyy has no doubts that the new system benefits all the players.

In the first weeks after I joined, we focused our practice on map control, communication and clutches management, which are the basics of the game,” bodyy explained. “More complex features will be covered at a later time. shox had already handled the in-game leader role in both EnVyUs and Epsilon, and I think this position suits him well as he knows how to manage his players and assign a certain responsibility to each one of them. We choose the position we want to play, and this freedom allows us to explore our strengths. Everyone is happy and confident, which is a major plus.

Before wrapping up, we discussed the growing criticism regarding Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux’s performances. bodyy agrees that the negative comments have affected his team-mate to a certain extent, but he believes that his compatriot will come back stronger.

He has obviously been affected by the criticism from the community, as we would all be,” Pianaro argued. “I believe he is really determined to return to his best form, and he puts a lot of energy into that. Get ready to see SmithZz back at the top.”

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