Call of Duty team invited to compete in Gfinity Pro League

We are happy to announce that our Call of Duty team has received an invite to the Gfinity Pro League, which will have £11,300 on offer.

We are delighted to announce that our Call of Duty team has been invited to compete in the biggest European online league in the game. Hosted by Gfinity in association with Activision, the European Call of Duty Pro League will feature eight of the finest teams in the continent, who will duke it out for their share of the £11,300 prize purse.

The previously scheduled Call of Duty Masters from June 19th-21st in London will act as the launch event for this exciting league as the participating teams will face each other in the first round of fixtures. After that, teams will play one match per week, on Wednesdays at 21 CEST.

Below you can find an infographic with more information about the European Call of Duty Pro League, including the list of participants (which will be completed by two teams coming from online qualifiers) and the prize

As you know, our COD team has recently gone through a difficult period, but we are happy to announce that they are back to a four-man active roster with the return of Antonio “TojoR” Jordà Martín and the signing of Alejandro “Inven” Martin, a former member of Giants Gaming and x6tence.

These two players will join Carlos “Lgend” Pereiras Ortega and Jorge Gabriel “MethodZ” Bancells Alvarez in our starting lineup for the Pro League, which means we are saying goodbye to Juan Carlos “JK7″ Gutiérrez Moreno, whom we would like to thank for his hard work while at the club.

Below you can find a statement from Jorge Gabriel “MethodZ” Bancells Alvarez about these changes:

“After a very hard six weeks for the team because of the roster changes and the latest results at offline events, we decided to take a different path and build our way to the top from scratch. I can say that the return of TojoR and the arrival of InveN are the best decisions we could have made to show that we are the best team in Spain and that we can take on the best European teams head-on. We and JK7 part ways through mutual agreement and without any issues since we wanted to bring more stability to the team. We will be aiming high in Gfinity’s Pro League, in which we hope to finish in the top four to then prove what we are made of at the offline finals. I would like to thank all the loyal fans that have been with us through thick and thin for continuing to trust us. #G2WIN”

tojorphoto gigel
TojoR returns to Gamers2, while Inven is a new face

Our lineup for the Gfinity Pro League will consist of:

  • Jorge Gabriel “MethodZ” Bancells Alvarez
  • Carlos “Lgend” Pereiras Ortega
  • Antonio “TojoR” Jordà Martín
  • Alejandro “Inven” Martin
  • Axel “axeel” Martinez (substitute)
  • Alvaro “Jaayz” Villalba (substitute)

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