Challenger Series: Gamers2 [0:2] LowLandLions

Today will be a very important day for Gamers2’s League of Legends team, which will face LowLandLions in the semi-finals of the EU Challenger Series playoffs, at 18 CET.

Today will be a very important day for Gamers2’s League of Legends team, which will face LowLandLions in the semi-finals of the EU Challenger Series playoffs, at 18 CET. After last week’s back-to-back defeats against mousesports, our players are eager to get back to winning ways and secure a place at the offline final, which will be played in Berlin, on April 8th.

LowLandLions is a team we twice beat during the regular Challenger Series season, so our players are very confident going into this best-of-three clash, as you can seen from the statement of our Toplaner, Lennart “Smittyj” Warkus:

“I am confident in our ability to beat LowLandLions this week as we have practiced hard and prepared well for this series. We have been fortunate enough to practice against top European teams, and have done really well against them. Also, our new coach, SoulDra, has been at the house for a week and has given the whole team a boost. There are no excuses anymore, it’s a must-win for us. It’s do-or-die time, and we will make sure we do not disappoint our fans again.”

Match information:

EU Challenger Series Playoffs – Semi-finals

Gamers2 [0:2] LowLandLions

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