Gamers2 finishes 13th-16th at COD Championship

We are mere hours away from the start of the Call of Duty Championship 2015. Check out the schedule to know when Gamers2 will be playing and also our tournament infographic.

We are mere hours away from the start of the Call of Duty Championship 2015, where 32 teams from around the globe will be facing off for the lion’s share of the $1 million prize fund. Gamers2 will be in attendance at the event, and expectations surrounding our team are high, following a bootcamp in Barcelona that pushed the players’ limits.

Below you can find our match schedule for the tournament. Do not forget to check out our team interview to know how the players are feeling and what they think of the opponents they have ahead of them.


Gamers2 [2:3] PLT.Mindfreak

  • 184-218 Solar Hardpoint
  • 6-3 on Riot S&D
  • 5-4 on Bio Lab CTF
  • 4-11 on Detroit Uplink
  • 1-6 on Bio Lab S&D

Gamers2 [0:3] FaZe Red

  • 203-239 on Detroid Hardpoint
  • 1-6 on Solar S&D
  • 6-8 on BioLab Uplink

Group play:

Gamers2 [3:0] Exile5.T1

  • 250-151 on Bio Lab Hardpoint
  • 6-3 on Riot S&D
  • 12-6 on Detroit Uplink

Gamers2 [0:3] OpTic Nation

  • 182-188 on Solar Hardpoint
  • 4-6 on BioLab S&D
  • 3-4 Retreat CTF

Gamers2 [3:1] SSOF Gaming

  • 182-206 on Retreat Hardpoint
  • 6-2 on Drift S&D
  • 4-1 on BioLab CTF
  • 16-11 on Comeback Uplink

Group D standings:

Place Team Record Map Record
1 OpTic Nation 3-0 9-1
2 Gamers2 2-1 6-4
3 Exile5.T1 1-2 4-7
4 SSOF Gaming 0-3 2-9

We have put together an infographic with all the information you need to know about the COD Championship, including prize breakdown, team rosters and map pool. You can find all that below.


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