Gamers2 qualifies for Counter Pit League

Gamers2’s CS:GO team will face ENCORE at 19 CEST in the second round of the online qualifier for the $50,000 Counter Pit League.

As we announced before, Gamers2’s CS:GO team will be competing in the online qualifier for the Counter Pit League, a new online tournament that will feature 12 of Europe’s strongest teams, who will be duking it out for their share of $50,000. In order to book their place in this prestigious league, our team will first have to go through the qualifying stages, which will use a single-elimination bracket format.

After toppling AlienTech.Black 2-1 in the first round of the playoffs, our team will have to face ENCORE in the semi-finals. This is a team we beat just two weeks ago in the last-chance qualifier for CEVO Professional, so the players believe that victory is perfectly within their reach.

Gamers2 [2:0] ENCORE (16-7 on de_cache, 7-16 on de_dust2 and 16-7 on de_mirage)

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