99Damage Arena: Gamers2 [1:2] PENTA

Gamers2’s CS:GO team will face k1ck at 18 CET in 99Damage Arena #6, a five-team invitational tournament with $5,000 on the line.

Gamers2’s CS:GO squad will be competing in 99Damage Arena #6, a five-team invitational tournament hosted by German website 99Damage.de. A total of  $5,000 will be on offer in this King of the Hill tournament, which means that the winner of a round moves on to the next stage to face a different opponent, and so on, until a champion is declared.

Our team has been placed in the third round of the tournament and will thus have to face k1ck for $1,500. The winner of this best-of-three series will advance to the grand final to face PENTA Sports, with $2,000 on the line.

Below you can find all the information about this match:

Gamers2 [1:2] PENTA Sports (25-21 on de_mirage, 13-16 on de_cache and 11-16 on de_cobblestone)

Gamers2 [2:0] k1ck (16-12 on de_cache, 16-2 on de_mirage)

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