CS:GO team off to great start in Cluj-Napoca!

Our Counter-Strike team got off to a great start at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca and defeated mousesports by a 16-8 scoreline in the first match at the major. With this result, the team is through to the group’s Upper Bracket final, in which it will face Team SoloMid.

Our CS:GO team made quite an impression today, on the opening day of DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca. mousesports are a side that should never be written off, but we dominated the game from start to finish and picked up a well-earned 16-8 victory that sends us through to the Upper Bracket final of Group B, in which we will face Team SoloMid.

A great start saw us take a 3-0 lead following some great attacking coordination in the pistol round. Despite rain picking up a triple kill in the first gun round, mousesports still came out on top, which allowed them to reduce the gap to just two rounds. That was to be an isolated event though, as we poured forward again, picking up three rounds straight. mousesports still tried to turn the game around, but we held on to our lead and closed out the half with a respectable 9-6 scoreline.

mousesports came from the break really strongly and won the pistol round, but we stood firm and secured the first eco round, a moment that you can find below:

From this moment on, we were on top of the game as we conceded just one more round before sealing a fantastic 16-8 victory. Below you can find a graphic with all the stats from this match:


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