ECS Season 1: G2.Kinguin defeats dignitas and NiP

After picking up wins over fnatic and, our Counter-Strike team returns to action in ECS with a double-header against dignitas and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Will we end the round-robin stage on a high? Follow all the action here!

The first season of the Esports Championship Series (ECS) is underway, with nine top teams competing in the European division. Over the next weeks, these teams will face each other in a single round robin stage, with the top four sides advancing to the offline finals, in London, where they will be joined by North American teams.

After returning home from the ESL Pro League finals, our team picked up back-to-back wins over fnatic and We are now in contention for a spot in the playoffs, but we will need to fend off the threats of dignitas and Ninjas in Pyjamas in order to reach the knockout stages. Will we end the round-robin stage on a high? 

Below you can keep track of all the scores in the Esports Championship Series:

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