ELEAGUE Last-Chance Qualifier: G2 falls against mousesports

Our Counter-Strike team will take on mousesports at 8pm CEST in the quarter-finals of ELEAGUE’s last-chance qualifier, where eight teams will fight for two spots in the playoffs. Follow our coverage of the tournament here!

Our Counter-Strike team is in Atlanta to compete in ELEAGUE’s last-chance qualifier. The six runners-up from the group stage plus the two best third-placed sides will face off in a single-elimination bracket, with two spots in the playoffs up for grabs.

As we announced at the start of the week, the team will be competing in this tournament with a stand-in, Simon “Fuks” Florysiak, a former teammate of Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro on LDLC. Simon will replace Cédric “RpK” Guipouy, who is unable to travel by plane after being diagnosed with a perforated eardrum.

Below you can follow our coverage of the qualifier: 

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