Watch shox vs. ocelote in eNgage CS:GO challenge

Tune in on April 21st to watch an extremely entertaining face-off between G2 Esports CS:GO clutch star Richard ‘shox’ Papillon and G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez.

Tons of adrenaline and exciting CS:GO matches is the passion we share with our partners at eNgage. Together we bring you a night of ultimate fun where Richard ‘shox’ Papillon and four of his fans will be fighting against former League of Legends star and G2 Esports club CEO and owner Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, who will get some help from top-notch FPS enthusiasts.

The exciting duel will happen on 21st of April at 6.30 PM CEST. However, shox and ocelote won’t be the only names avid gamers will recognize! Along with shox we’ll have his four lucky fans, who also happen to be the top tier CS:GO players. The competition will be strong on the other side as well, as ocelote will be joined by a colourful bunch of professional and semi-professional players and streamers.

You will be able to see the classy aiming abilities from Justin ‘Mini’ Summe, a professional H1Z1 player for Echo Fox and good teamwork from his fellow Echo Fox player, the Call Of Duty team representative ‘Neslo’. The team will be spiced up by some deep game knowledge from Christian ‘igoR’ Egli, a CS:GO player for Arctic Gaming, and impressive distracting maneuvers by G2 Esports Academy streamer Hosana ‘TinyLady’ Kmiecik. Will mechanical skill win over the well-rounded group of ocelote’s? Both sides will have some serious work to do!

Get to know the players!

shox has been a powerhouse in the international CS:GO scene and one of the timeless stars in his native France. Known for his all-round exceptional skill set, his accuracy has been unmatched. With numerous premier titles under his name, shox hopefully will go easy on his boss! A lesser known fact about Shox; his name is based off of his favorite Nike shoe when he was younger.

Tiny Lady

Once known as Europe’s rising star, ocelote, despite being among the most legendary League of Legends players, also enjoys playing CS:GO! The self-proclaimed ‘brainless entry-fragger’ loves to rush B with AWP playing his favorite map, de_dust2. The outcome is either Ocelote dying immediately or him acing the enemy team.

Tiny Lady aspires to become a great streamer because she just loves interacting with viewers, she obviously will take over the communication part in the team!


igoR started his career in 2004 with CS 1.6. Before he made the transition to CS:GO, he played Shootmania and won some tournaments there, beating such teams as fnatic, aAa, n!faculty and ESC Gaming under the banner of Swiss Bulls. He entered the CS:GO scene in early 2014 and played for the well-known Swiss organization Team Maaischguet before he joined Arctic Gaming, where he’s playing over two years now.


Neslo had been a serious competitor in multiple games before finding a home in Call of Duty. He burst onto the scene when he helped form Team KaLiBeR, and eventually worked his way into the X-Games CoD tournament where he earned a silver medal. Under the Echo Fox banner, Neslo has excelled in multiple tournaments. He has recently retired from competitive CoD to focus full time on streaming.


Mini is one of the most aggressive solo H1Z1 players and currently holds the world record, at 33, for the most eliminations in a solo Battle Royale. Mini loves H1Z1 and has been advancing competitive gameplay since the beginning by leading his 2015 H1Z1 Showdown team (TA) to victory and by creating the H1Z1 solo tournament scene, the Champions Arena.

Considered the first H1Z1 pro, Mini was signed to Echo Fox to compete in the 2016 Invitational and 2017 Fight for the Crown.

Can shox lead four of his dedicated fans into victory against five world-class gamers? Make sure to catch the action on 21st of April at 6.30 PM CEST over at, casted by Deathsie and Tombizz.

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