Eroth joins HotS team as manager

We are pleased to announce that Erik “Eroth” Kaleta has been hired to coach our Heroes of the Storm team. He will attend his first event for G2 later this week as the team will attend DreamHack Winter, in Sweden.

We are pleased to announce a new face in our Heroes of the Storm section in the form of Erik “Eroth” Kaleta, who will be managing our team going forward. He is a well-known figure in Polish esports, with a background in the competitive WoW TCG and Hearthstone scenes, and he will be hoping to use that experience to help the team reach its goals.

Eroth will attend his first event for G2 Esports this week already as our Heroes of the Storm team will compete at DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash, where $25,000 will be at stake. Here is what he had to say about joining the club and his expectations for the job:

“I love that I can turn my hobby and my passion into a job. I also know how hard it will be for the players to stick together, when so many roster changes are happening in the HotS scene. They have been together for a year now, and I see this as an advantage. I hope that my experience in previous games and my work ethic will help the players.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team’s previous manager, Radoslaw “Ayden” Kwiatkowski, for all his work while at the club, and wish him all the best in the future.

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