ESL One Cologne 2018 Infographic

BIG upsets, s1mple things, Smooya living up to the smack talk, and unexpected comebacks from G2, catch up on everything you missed from ESL One Cologne!

ESL One Cologne 2018 was a tournament of upsets as the hometown heroes BIG rampaged through the brackets. The spotlight remained on the crowd favorites as they defeated G2 Esports and FaZe Clan in the quarters and semis to face off against Na’Vi in the grand finals. However, s1mple and electronic managed to spoil the underdog story with an outstanding performance to carry Na’ Vi over the finish line. With a stadium completely packed with fans, roars filling the stadium with every kill, and unprecedented long lines for every fan meet and greet, ESL One Cologne proved once again to be one of the best annual events.

As for us, our roller coaster of a journey was brimming with unbelievable comebacks and difficult defeats.  Nevertheless, it was overall a successful event to gauge our growth as a team. The next proving ground, Dreamhack Valencia, is just around the corner starting on July 12th and we’re excited to assess our progress from event to event. We’re grateful for all of the #G2ARMY that supported us throughout the event – it was a great first step on our climb back to the top. For now, dive into what went down at ESL One Cologne 2018 by the numbers. Scroll down and enjoy!

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