ESL One Cologne Qual: Gamers2 finishes 5th-6th

Gamers2’s CS:GO team will take on HellRaisers at 17:30 CEST, in the second Lower Bracket round of the ESL One Cologne qualifier, where 16 sides will fight for four spots at the major.

Gamers2’s CS:GO team is all set for the offline qualifier for ESL One Cologne, which is taking place in the same German city, inside ESL’s esports arena. Sixteen teams from all over Europe are fighting for the chance to play at the upcoming Valve-sponsored major, which will be one of the most important events of the year.

The group draw threw up a nail-bitting match between Gamers2 and the new Titan team in the first round of the group stage. In a best-of-one match anything can happen, but our team has complete confidence going into the event, as Paweł “innocent” Mocek recently stated.

The group stage will use a best-of-one, double-elimination bracket format, with the top two teams advancing to the Cologne major. Below you can find all the info about the qualifier:

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