ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals Infographic

G2 Esports has celebrated another important offline tournament victory. Our CS:GO squad brought home the ESL Pro League Season 5 Grand Finals trophy.

After a strong showing in the Semifinal against SK Gaming, the only obstacle was to prove our worth against North in the Grand Finals. During the Grand Final best-of-five series, we started the series with a confident 2-0. However, North didn’t want to give us the title easily and showed some claws. We went 16-13 on Cache, 16-5 on Cobblestone, 14-16 on Overpass, only by a thread not making one of the most impressive comebacks of all times, and finally completed the series with a dominating 16-3 on Inferno.

However, there was more to the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals than the last games. The group stage was super close and very intense, we loved all the great CS:GO action throughout the tournament. To celebrate the great event we are presenting you our tournament infographics. Get to know which players stood out the most. Would you guess who has dealt the most damage every round? Who were the Clutch Masters? We are grateful to for providing the stats!

Scroll down and enjoy our colourful infographic with all the most important facts and figures!

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