EU Challenger Series: Gamers2 [2:0] Overclockers UK

Gamers2’s League of Legends team will make its debut in the Summer Challenger Series season with a double-header contest against Overclockers UK

It is that time of the year again already as a new Challenger Series season is upon us! Six sides from all over Europe will duke it out over the next five weeks for a chance to secure promotion to LCS.

This will certainly be one of the most exciting and keenly-contested seasons in the history of the Challenger Series, but everyone at Gamers2 believes that our current team is stronger than ever and has a great chance of securing a spot in the top division.

Gamers2 will be making its debut in the league against Overclockers UK, who were previously known as Reason Gaming. This is a team most of our players know from the previous Challenger Series season, when they drew 1-1 with us in the regular season and beat us 2-1 in the third-place match.

This is what Luka “PerkZ” Perković, our team’s new mid laner, had to say about the upcoming matches against Overclockers UK:

“We aren’t quite at our top level just yet, but we are improving very quickly and I feel confident going into the matches. We are individually stronger players, still fine-tuning our synergy so the games might not be really clean but I expect us to win 2-0.”

Below you can find the embedded Riot stream and all the information about the Challenger Series season:

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