EU LCS Summer Calendar

The 2016 EU LCS Summer Split is just around the corner, so check out our graphic with all of regular season matches to make sure you do not miss any of them!

The 2016 EU LCS Summer Split is finally upon us! After a month break that almost seemed like a year, the teams are getting ready for the start of a new Split, this time with a twist. Instead of the traditional best-of-one round robin league, EU LCS will transition to a double best-of-2 format, which means that teams will be playing twice as many games during the regular season!

According to Riot, the changes to the format will make matches more interesting as teams can adapt between games, while also equipping them for international competition. It will be interesting to see how teams will adapt to this roster, and one thing is certain: G2 will be fighting to defend the Spring title!

Below you can find our team’s detailed scheduled for the Split ahead:



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