EU LCS Week 6 infographic

We have released our infographic about Week 6 of EU LCS, which saw Splyce move up to third in the table. Take a look at the graphic as we prepare for Week 7!

Week 6 in EU LCS was all about Splyce: the Danish team confirmed that it is one of the hottest sides in the league as it beat ROCCAT and Schalke to move up to third in the table, just one point shy of fnatic and four of G2 Esports. Splyce was, in fact, the only team to post a 4-0 week, so it is with no surprise that it topped the KDA charts, with Jungler Jonas “Trashy” Andersen boasting an impressive KDA of 25.

For the sixth week in a row, Karma is the most picked champion in EU LCS, which clearly demonstrates the potential of ‘The Enlightened One’ in the current meta. Sivir also proved to be a very strong pick, with an 80% winrate out of 10 games, while Vladimir continued to be among the most banned champions in the league.

Scroll through the following infographic to find out what happened in Week 6 of EU LCS: 



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