EU LCS Week 8 infographic

As we enter the final week of the EU LCS Split, take a look at our infographic of last week, which includes champion stats and player leaderboards!

With only one week left to play in EU LCS, G2.Kinguin and H2k Gaming continue to share the top of the table after winning their respective matches in Week 8. Despite having undergone a triple roster change, Giants remain at the foot of the standings following back-to-back defeats against fnatic and G2.

Week 8 was Supports’ week as Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal and Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan, who played for G2 and H2k Gaming respectively, were the top two KDA performers, with Greek sensation Konstantinos “F0RG1VEN” Tzortziou coming in third place. In terms of gold earners, fnatic’s Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten and Origen’s Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen put in solid numbers, despite mixed displays from their respective teams.  

Get ready for the final week of the EU LCS Split by reviewing Week 7 in this infographic:


EU-LCS-Week8 (1)

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