EU LCS 2017 Spring Regular Season Infographic

Ten weeks of the EU LCS 2017 Spring Regular Season are over and we gathered the best of them in our infographic! Find out the most interesting stats and facts from Europe’s top division.

What a split it has been! For us in G2 Esports the last week was a real emotional rollercoaster. The crazy intense series against Fnatic, our more than 400 day undefeated run coming to an end after our series against Team ROCCAT were a true energy kick. Now, as our team is getting ready for the Semifinal match against either Misfits or Splyce on April 15th at 5 PM CET, we dive into all the key stats of the past ten weeks.

We are proud that our own Zven is the Multikill Leader of the Regular Split with two quadrakills, three triplekills and nine doublekills. Funnily, there was not a single player who managed to grab a pentakill on stage, maybe we will see one in the  Playoffs? In the 156 games that were played in total there were 8 undefeated champions. Would you believe that Mordekaiser is one of them?

Huge thanks to our friends as well as Oracle’s Elixir and LoL EsportsWikis for the great collection of stats.

Scroll down and enjoy the colourful and exciting G2’s EU LCS 2017 Spring Regular Season Infographic:

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