EU/NA LCS Regular Split Infographic

We have released an infographic with the stats from the regular LCS Split in Europe and North America! Find out which teams and players shone the most and which champions were contested the most in this one-stop graphic with all the info you are looking for!

As we approach the LCS playoffs in both Europe and North America, it is time to look back at an amazing regular Split, in which new title contenders were born and some giants fell along the way. After nine weeks of play filled with dicey duels and mouth-watering fixtures, G2.Kinguin came out victorious in Europe in their debut season in LCS, while Immortals reigned supreme in North America, dropping just one game in the entire regular Split.

Scroll through the following infographic to see which players shone the most in each region and how different the two divisions are in terms of champion selection. Get ready for the LCS playoffs by reviewing the regular Split!


lcs-eu-vs-na (2)

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