Evil 8 Europe: G2.Kinguin loses to Team SNOW

Our Vainglory team will take on Team SNOW in their first match in the Evil 8, a new tournament featuring the eight strongest sides in the continent. Follow our coverage of the tournament here!

Our Vainglory team will be competing in the Evil 8, a new tournament format introduced by the game’s developers, Super Evil Mega Corp. The top eight teams in Europe will face off in a series of single-elimination brackets over the course of two splits, accumulating points that will be used to determine the Summer Live Championship seeding.

At the end of each Split, there will be Challenger Battles, pitting the bottom three teams from the Evil 8 ranking against the top three teams from the Challenger tournaments in best-of-five showdowns. In case a Challenger team wins, it will knock an Evil 8 side into Challengers and take their spot in the main league.

All Evil 8 matches will be broadcast live on Vainglory’s Twitch channel. This will be the the first chance to see our new roster in action, so make sure you do not miss it! 

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