Expect: “My focus is on improving my skills and team synergy”

With Week 6 of EU LCS around the corner, we spoke with our rookie top laner, Dae-han “Expect” Ki , about his first month on the starting roster, his playing style and the matches ahead.

Only four weeks have passed since Dae-han “Expect” Ki took over the top lane position on our team, and it is safe to say that he is already making a name for himself in EU LCS. The Korean’s mechanical prowess is showing more and more in every game he plays, and, with an average KDA of 3.5, he is already among the top four performers in his role in the league.

Week 6 will be special for Expect, who will get to face the team he made his EU LCS debut against. On June 9th, he came on for the second game against ROCCAT, which his team ended up losing. Questioned about that match, the Korean admitted that pressure got to him and that the synergy with his team-mates was not very good at the time.

“Back then, our communication was very bad and I was very nervous because it was my first LCS match,” he recalls.” Now, I have more experience, and my communication with the team has improved a lot, so we are a stronger team now.” 


Expect hopes to deliver a stronger performance against ROCCAT, on Saturday


Expect’s vast improvements in his game have happened under the tutelage of compatriot and longtime friend Kang-yun “Trick”Kim, who played a pivotal role in helping G2 to win the Summer Split during his first term in Europe.

“Trick is a really good friend of mine, and he helps me with communication, adapting to the European lifestyle and improving in-game,” he said. “My focus right now is on improving my skills and the synergy with my team-mates. Sometimes, I need to play with less emotion.”

Carry champions are known to be Expect’s bread and butter, but the Korean top laner has shown over the past month that he also feels at home playing tank champions such as Trundle and Maokai.

“I like champions that require a lot of mechanics, but if the team needs a tank I do not mind playing it,” he said. “In this meta, both tank and mechanical champions are good, it just depends on the team’s composition.”

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