FACEIT League: G2 faces HellRaisers & fnatic

G2.Kinguin’s CS:GO team continues its journey in the FACEIT League Stage 3 with two more matches, against HellRaisers and fnatic, at 22 and 23 CEST, respectively.

G2.Kinguin’s CS:GO team will be taking part in the third and final stage of FACEIT League 2015, one of the biggest and most prestigious competitions in the scene. After coming through the online qualifiers, our team has joined the likes of fnatic and EnVyUs in the round-robin stage, which will see eight teams face each other twice in best-of-one matches.

Come the end of the online stage, which will run from September 15th to November 15th, the top teams will advance to the season finals, where they will be joined by the top-placed sides from the Oceanic and the North American divisions.

Below you can find all the info about the FACEIT League Stage 3:

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