Farewell, TojoR

Today is a very sad day for everyone at Gamers2 because we say goodbye to Antonio “TojoR” Jordà Martín, who will be stepping down as captain and player of our Call of Duty team.

Today is a very sad day for everyone at Gamers2 because we say goodbye to a player who has been with us for several months now and has demonstrated great dedication and professionalism at the club. Antonio “TojoR” Jordà Martín will be stepping down as captain and player of our Call of Duty team, which currently has a three-man lineup.

TojoR is without a doubt a very talented player. His experience and hard-working attitude helped the team reach the COD Championship and break into the top 16 at the event in Los Angeles. However, he could no longer commit to the required hours we needed of him, so he decided that it was best to relinquish his place on the team. We would like to thank him for his outstanding contribution while representing our club and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Below you can find a statement from Jorge Gabriel “MethodZ” Bancells Álvarez about this matter:

“It is a shame that we are parting ways. After many travels, victories and defeats, everything comes to an end someday, but I hope this is not goodbye but rather a ‘see you soon’. I would like to wish Toni the best of luck for his future as a Call of Duty player, and I am sure it will be very nice to meet him at future events, especially for me and for Lgend. Is it a shame that our captain has decided to leave the team”.

We now have the enormous task of trying to find a replacement for TojoR. During the next few weeks, we will try out new players to find someone who can fill this void. At the WYP finals, on May 23-24, Fran “PeLuka” Rubio will once again act as a substitute for the team after playing for us at the Gfinity Masters, earlier in the month.

With TojoR’s departure, we would like to announce that Carlos “Lgend” Pereiras Ortega has been promoted to team captain. We are confident that he will fill this position perfectly and step up as a leader within the squad.

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