Find the Samurai Santa and win a NEEDforSEAT throne

HO, HO, HO! Get in the spirit for the holiday season by finding the samurai santa that is hidden on our website. One lucky winner will get a NEEDforSEAT throne to play their favorite games more comfortably!

As you know, the holiday season is just around the corner, and to get in the mood for this special time of the year, we have created a fun contest together with NEEDforSEAT, one of our main partners. Somewhere on our website, there is a samurai santa playing hide-and-seek, eagerly waiting to be found. Your job is to navigate through the website and report back once you have discovered him!

At the end of the contest, which runs until the end of month, one lucky winner will be drawn between all those who discovered Samurai Santa and will take home a NEEDforSEAT gaming throne of his/her choosing! Please note that, due to shipping regulations, only citizens in the European Union can participate in the contest. 

HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY: Find samurai santa and win a NEEDforSEAT gaming chair!

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