fox: “aizy fits perfectly into our style”

With IEM San Jose just around the corner, we caught up with Ricardo “fox” Pacheco to know his expectations for the $100,000 tournament and his thoughts on the squad’s latest recruit, Philip “aizy” Aistrup.

Less than three weeks after a sensational run at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, our players find themselves on the road once again. This time around, the destination is San Jose, home to a $100,000 tournament hosted by ESL and featuring eight of the world’s finest sides. After the results at the major, expectations are high, but Ricardo “fox” Pacheco reminds that breaking into the top 5 in the scene is a slow process and that the most important thing is to keep progressing.

“Our goal is always to win, but we keep our feet on the groud,” he explains. “The most important thing is to not get ahead of ourselves, we need to continue our path as a team. We are progressing after every tournament and we want this trend to continue. We know that fans expect a lot from us, but we are aware that there are no real favorites nowadays. We want to take it a match at a time, with hopes of always doing better.”

IEM San Jose comes as the first big test for the team since Dennis “dennis” Edman’s departure to fnatic, which Pacheco reckons that left the team with a sour taste in their mouth. “The team did not react very well because we all knew dennis’ value on the team, both as a player and as a person, but life throws this sort of things at you, and you cannot give up,” Pacheco said. “We immediately thought about getting aizy on board as we believed he was the right person to take dennis’ spot.”


aizy is set to play his first event under G2 (Photo courtesy of

With just a couple of matches for G2 under his belt, Philip “aizy” Aistrup is still adjusting to his new surroundings. The Danish talent has big shoes to fill, but everyone on the team believes that he fits the bill. “Aizy is a really cool kid and very calm, which will be good for the team, because sometimes we can get carried away,” fox said. “I think aizy fits perfectly into our style, which will remain practically the same”

After being initially pitted against, the team learned on Wednesday that it will have to face CLG in the first round instead. The general feeling is that this is an easier matchup, but Pacheco is wary of the dangers that the North Americans will pose. “I have been saying for some time that, in my opinion, CLG are a very good team, they play well and in a coordinated manner. They always pull off some surprising results and on a good day they can beat anyone.”

Top photo courtesy of DreamHack

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