G2 to bootcamp in Seoul before Worlds

G2 Esports’ League of Legends team go through a three-week-long bootcamp in Seoul, South Korea, in September, with a view to preparing for the 2016 World Championship, which will take place in Los Angeles.

We are delighted to announce that we will be sending our League of Legends team to Seoul, South Korea, in September for a three-week-long bootcamp ahead of the 2016 World Championship, for which the team has already qualified.

Worlds is the culmination of a year’s work, and we are dedicated to making sure that our team enters the tournament in the best possible shape. Korea has long been at the forefront of League of Legends, and, as such, it provides a fantastic practice environment. Moreover, playing against top teams from nearby regions, such as China and Southeast Asia, and against other teams who will also go through a Korean bootcamp will prove invaluable as our players prepare to face opponents with different styles of play at Worlds. 

While in Korea, our players will be staying at a high-end apartment hotel right in the heart of Seoul. There, the players will find all the conditions for a successful training regime: a bootcamp setup inside the apartment, a gym, a swimming pool and much more!

G2 Esports CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago gave the following statement about sending the team to Korea: “We have extremely high expectations for ourselves, and, in order to meet those expectations, we have put together the best possible practice environment in Korea for our players to reach their full potential. We will work hard and do everything we possibly can to come fully prepared for Worlds and #MakeEUGreatAgain – Hawaii can wait.”


G2 will prepare for the World Championship in Seoul

Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool, the team’s coach, also offered a statement on the Korean bootcamp, saying: “We are looking forward to going to Korea and preparing against the best teams from all regions that will go there to bootcamp. With this bootcamp we hope to learn a lot from other regions’ meta and use this to shine in North America to represent Europe to the best of our ability.”

Our mid laner, Luka “PerkZ” Perković, is also excited to reap the benefits of the bootcamp in Seoul: “I am really looking forward to bootcamping in Korea! I cannot wait to play against the best teams in the world to get the best possible practice before Worlds.”

Fans of the team will be able to keep track of the team’s progress as we will be posting regular updates on our website and social media channels throughout the bootcamp.

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