Varik0 – Our New Clash Royale Head Coach

G2 Esports welcomes Álvaro ‘Varik0’ Márquez Salido as the new Clash Royale Head Coach.

Following our Clash Royale roster announcement, it gives us great pleasure to reveal Álvaro ‘Varik0’ Márquez Salido as our new Clash Royale Head Coach. He will join Malcaide and the team in North America to compete in the inaugural Clash Royale League. An accomplished Clash Royale competitor, Varik0 has enjoyed success as both a player and a coach in the scene, with top finishes in Superliga Orange, RPL Europe, and more. We couldn’t be prouder having his insight and prowess to help guide our team to victory.

“I’m very happy to join G2 Esports as their Head Coach for Clash Royale,” said Varik0. “They are a club that I have always admired and looked upon as an example to follow. They already have a fantastic staff and line-up of players and I’m incredibly proud to be considered among them. I am confident we’ll impress in the first season of the Clash Royale League.”

In response to the exciting news, Clash Royale Manager Martin ‘Malcaide’ Alcaide added:

“Varik0 is a long-time prominent personality in the Clash Royale world and his drive has pushed him towards success both as a player and as a coach. We have known each other for a long time and our chemistry is undeniable. With his smooth adaptation to the coaching role, I knew I had the right man to guide G2 to the top. We’ll have tons of fun together!”

About Varik0:

The 23-year-old Spaniard was born and raised in Almeria, in southeast Spain, and currently resides in Madrid. Along with creating videos for his YouTube channel, Álvaro made his mark upon the Clash Royale scene with top finishes in The Mobition, RPL Europe, Liga Leyenda, and Superliga Orange as a player, and The Mobition and Superliga Orange as a coach. In addition to ruling the King’s Tower, he is also an avid Final Fantasy and anime fan.

Get to know Varik0 better by following him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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