G2 CS:GO first foray into betting – with ESP

Today, we are excited to announce our first foray into esports fantasy and betting together with our new partners – ESP. This collaboration exclusively encompasses G2’s CS:GO team.

At G2 Esports we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize the best new business avenues and the games and fields that are prone to grow and develop in the future. That’s why we are glad to enter an esports fantasy and betting collaboration with ESP.

We are a socially responsible organization and well-aware of community discussions caused by betting. That is why for a long time we have been searching for the right partner we could trust with fair conduct and security. As with G2, ESP more than anything values its good name and credibility. Together we want to promote esports even further and spice things up with a little extra excitement with fantasy and betting on CS:GO and other esports matches. Those who have tried will agree that placing a small wager on your favorite team or building out a fantasy team for a tournament brings a new level of fun and engagement as a fan.

We want to highlight that all bets on ESP.bet are available to individuals who have been verified to be 18+ years of age and residing in a country where online wagering is permitted by their government and as such allowed by ESP’s license. ESP also offers an exclusive feature of live betting on tournament finals and select high profile matches. Get to know all about it right now hereSign up with the code G2 to be included in special prize draws and offers.

About ESP

ESP was founded in 2014, then known as esportspools. They began offering fantasy esports to their members as a free to play site. In July 2017 ESP added the option to pay to enter pools, where winning members won the lion’s share of the pot. At this time, ESP also offered wagering options on esports matches in the form of pool betting. Later ESP extended this pool wagering option to live betting where members can watch and bet on the outcome in real time. For a CS:GO match, ESP members can bet on events that happen on every round of play.

ESP is an active member of ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition), that is why the company is strict on ensuring that their members are of legal age and playing in a country that has no constitutional objection to online wagering.

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