G2 Esports CS:GO team crowned the DreamHack Tours Champions

Our French CS:GO squad made a strong statement at DreamHack Tours 2017 showing their confidence and taking the tournament champion title. Their hard work was rewarded not only with the trophy but more so with a huge amount of fan support.

Champions on their home soil. G2 Esports CS:GO team has ended their DreamHack Tour run with an impressive and hard-fought 2-0 against Hellraisers. As they lifted up the trophy the French crowd roared louder than ever in those last three days of the event. The favourites, the champions of their hearts managed to stay composed and close the games leaving opponents no way back.

After the post-game interview our guys worked the crowd into a merry frenzy which continued with singing and even crowd surfing. First kennyS and shox soon after him dove down from the stage into the hands of their fans. No doubt G2 Esports will remember this victory for a very long time. French team in France taking the champion title is a great achievement and a huge motivation to our players.

They not only defended their pride but also demonstrated top performance. Even though they gave a little scare to their fans losing their first Group stage game against Tricked Esport, from there on it was a steady climb up. Of course, we have extra huge thanks to our French fans – you were amazing, we felt like there was one more player on the map.

Title photo courtesy: Jussi Jaaskelainen/DreamHack

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