EPICENTER 2017 Infographic

Thanks a lot Saint Petersburg and EPICENTER for an amazing CS:GO experience with incredibly clutch games that made our hearts race. Now it’s stats time!

As NBK- wrote in his tweet after the tournament, we’re happy but far from satisfied. We are delighted for multiple reason. Firstly, we are sure that other teams and players will agree on this – EPICENTER organizers have done an absolutely fantastic job making everyone feel welcome and comfortable in Saint Petersburg. We’re joyful about the extremely tight Grand Final games, man, SK Gaming and Virtus.pro brought a true spectacle to CS:GO fans!

Our team and everyone involved were also grateful to see so many Russian fans coming to Yubileyny Sports Palace with G2 Esports posters and flags. That’s probably the only time when our players are fine with seeing so many baguettes. We finished third this time, but still keep our great ambition and hunger for the future.

Now it’s time to give the credit where credit is due – scroll down and enjoy the EPICENTER 2017 stats and see who performed the best!

Photo courtesy: EPICENTER

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