G2 Esports – ESL PRO LEAGUE Season 5 Champions

G2 Esports take ESL Pro League by storm – from a rough 1-8 start to the Championship title! Our CS:GO squad took a 3-1 victory over North in the Grand Final in Dallas.

From 1-8 to ESL PRO League Season 5 Champions. Few teams can be proud of such an accomplishment, but our CS:GO squad managed to pull it off and we are extremely proud.

Step by step, determined and steady G2 Esports clawed victory after victory to reach the ESL Grand Finals. Here we managed to demonstrate the almost perfect form. After finishing our group first, we had a tough Semifinal to play. Facing off against an aggressive SK Gaming squad is never easy but we managed to show resilience and close the series in a convincing fashion 2-0.

North’s victory over Team Liquid in the second Semifinal cemented them as our ultimate opponent. On the Grand Final day the audience was showing its strong support toward G2, probably holding a little grudge for North sending the last American team home.

During the Grand Final best-of-five series, our French warriors showed that they truly deserve the superteam title. We went 16-13 on Cache, 16-5 on Cobblestone, 14-16 on Overpass, only by a thread not making one of the most impressive comebacks of all times, and finally, a dominating 16-3 on Inferno to complete the series and win the championship.

kennyS was a real monster on Cache and throughout the series, no surprise that he secured himself the tournament MVP title.

Photo credit: ESL/ Helena Kristiansson, Carlton Beener

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