G2 Esports invited to IEM World Championship

G2 Esports today announces that its League of Legends team has secured an invite to compete at the IEM World Championship, taking place from February 22nd-26th in Katowice, Poland.

G2 Esports is delighted to announce that its League of Legends team has been invited to compete at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, taking place from February 22nd-26th in Katowice, with the playoffs being held at the iconic Spodek multipurpose arena.

Eight of the best teams on the planet will be taking part in this exciting tournament, where they will pit their wits against each other as they battle for the title of world champion and the lion’s share of a $150,000 prize fund.

The IEM World Championship presents itself as the perfect opportunity for G2 Esports’ team to finally make its mark on an international level, building on the regional success it has experienced over the last year in EU LCS, in which it currently boasts a 6-0 record following a perfect start to the Spring Split.

“We are very grateful to be given the opportunity to play at IEM Katowice,” said Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool, G2 Esports’ Head Coach. “This has been one of the “Big Three” events for many years, and being able to attend it for the first time with G2 is something that highly motivates us to start performing on an international stage.”

Below you can find a graphic with the eight participating teams at the IEM World Championship:

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