G2 Worlds 2017: Thank you for your love & let’s go, EU!

We finished our League of Legends Worlds Championship 2017 run in Wuhan. We are grateful for all the beautiful memories and are hopeful for the European teams that advanced.

Here at G2 Esports we believe in giving our maximum in whatever we are doing. After our 4th consecutive European LCS Championship title we knew – there is much work to be done and no time to grow complacent. Our team worked the hardest preparing for all that may come during our Korean bootcamp in Seoul.

The reality is that we had an extremely tough group, but now looking back in time we feel like both RNG and SSG are both teams that can go on to win the whole thing. We are sorry we couldn’t get the necessary wins, but they were better teams and won rightfully. We take our defeat gracefully, they were just better and we feel that G2 squad did their best to put up a strong fight and bring extremely exciting games to Worlds 2017 group stage in Wuhan.

Maybe this year we didn’t manage to bring our regional dominance to perfection on the international stage, but we were damn close and next year we will come back stronger. We are extremely happy for our EU brothers Fnatic and Misfits who will be playing in quarterfinals this week. Even though their opposition is tough, we stand behind them with all European fans. We already changed our social banners to show our support and we believe that having more strong teams from EU is truly beneficial for our region and its well-being.

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