G2 Esports and NEEDforSEAT® renew and extend the partnership

This December we are proud to announce G2 Esports and NEEDforSEAT® partnership being extended for at least another two years.

Along with great sportsmanship and competition come the great challenges and one of them is to ensure that players have optimal conditions to compete and train. Throughout the length of our partnership NEEDforSEAT® and MAXNOMIC® proved to be great partners in both their execution, thorough care and high-quality product.

There is no other gaming chair we’d be more happy to put our logo on and we are extremely excited for the new projects coming for us in 2018. NEEDforSEAT® is the partner of choice for G2 Esports, its players and staff. Not to say that whenever we travel to the biggest esports tournaments, be it DreamHack, ELEAGUE, IEM, ESL One or EU LCS and Riot Games events, we always feel like home due to the vast NEEDforSEAT® partner network and their chairs present there as well.

“One of the key factors to our success along the way is having reliable partners who provide us with tools to move forward and ensure that our players have the best training and competing conditions as well as maximum comfort. We are glad to climb to the new heights together with NEEDforSEAT® and sit on the very top of the esports mountain graciously like a true Samurai warlord,” – says G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez.

Marco Wörenkämper, the CEO for NEEDforSEAT® and MAXNOMIC®, is also happy about the things we’ve achieved together and what the future holds: „We’ve been partnered with G2 Esports for some time now and we are still proud of this successful collaboration! Today we are very happy to announce we will continue working with G2 for at least another 2 years and we’re definitely looking forward to all the new things 2018 has in store for G2 and NEEDforSEAT®!“

To celebrate our partnership, NEEDforSEAT® will give away 10x G2 Esports player jerseys as well as 10x G2 Esports wristband bundles to the first 10 buyers of a MAXNOMIC® G2 chair in the NEEDforSEAT® EU online shop. Head there and be the first to get this awesome Christmas present for yourself or your loved one.

About NEEDforSEAT®

Since 2011 NEEDforSEAT® owner-managed company Maxnomic GmbH is located in Germany and sells eSports chairs that are made for the long term requirements in eSports, gaming & office.

Due to many years of experience the team at NEEDforSEAT® has always been trying to not only sell the products but develop them further and improve them continuously. Since March 2014 they are successfully selling very own brand MAXNOMIC®. The name speaks for itself, it is a combination of „maximum“ and „ergonomic“. The passion for their own product and great commitment in esports is what made huge esports organizations such as ESL and DREAMHACK Sweden swear by the original MAXNOMIC® seats. The MAXNOMIC® chairs are the result of the complete feedback from customers and the opinion of hundreds of professional gamers from all around the globe.

You can follow NEEDforSEAT® on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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