G2 Esports is proud to announce to the #G2ARMY and the world that we will be part of the new League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Long Term Partnership with Riot Games. We are excited to be able to follow up our strong 2018 performance and legacy in the EU LCS by beginning this new chapter in competitive League of Legends. Everyone at G2 is looking forward to a new season with organizations new and old to help propel the European region to even greater heights.

With the new long term partnership, everyone from Riot EU down to the players, organizations, and support staff will now have a stake in the performance of the league and will all be working towards the same goal of success. We are confident that by forming this formidable entity, Europe will set new marks for top-level competition, strong storytelling, and exceptional professionalism. As a four-time back to back LCS Champions, we have shown our commitment and made an indelible mark on European League of Legends and will continue to do so as a partner of the League of Legends European Championship domestically and on the international stage.

G2 Esports has been always fully committed to the League of Legends fans and community and we are honored to be the among selected few. Our staff, coaches, and players all worked very hard in the past four years to earn our place at the table. We know that being part of the LEC means even greater responsibility and will continue doing our best to build the future of European League of Legends together. Thank you to all of our fans who have supported us! We’ll keep you entertained!

G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez can’t wait to start the new LEC partnership, saying,

“Five years ago, when I started G2 Esports (then Gamers2), the organization focused on League of Legends, in part, because of my past as a professional player. Even with that focus, it took us four tries to qualify for the EU LCS, but once we did, we won four splits in a row and even this year with changing most of our roster, we still emerged as one of the Top 4 teams in the world. Though our organization has grown, our focus and passion for League of Legends has only strengthened. With this history and the exciting plans ahead, I am incredibly happy for what is to come and that we were picked to be part of the new LEC. Riot EU has put in a lot of effort to bring European League of Legends this far and to ensure the long term partnerships secure our future. Thank you to everyone there for their amazing work, including the amazing broadcast team for all of the fantastic moments and memories. We look forward to the journey ahead and will continue to do our best to represent the #G2ARMY and be the best organisation not just in Europe, but in the World!”

In the coming months, we will reveal a portion of our future plans in the LEC, including ways we wish to engage with all fans new and old. We look forward to sharing these with you and seeing you support us for a #G2WIN when the LEC season kicks off in 2019! Until then, you can keep up-to-date on all things G2 Esports on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch.

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