G2 qualifies for Worlds!

G2 Esports is the fourth team confirmed for the 2016 World Championship, taking place from September 29th to October 29th across the United States! The news comes as a heavy boost before the EU LCS semi-finals, scheduled for this weekend.

Our League of Legends team is assured of a spot at the 2016 World Championship, following H2k Gaming’s 3-0 victory against fnatic in the EU LCS quarter-finals. This results means that no European team can amass more championship points than G2 throughout the 2016 EU LCS season.

We are guaranteed a minimum of 40 points from reaching the semi-finals of EU LCS, which will go on top of the 90 points we earned from winning the Spring playoffs. Origen and fnatic were the only teams who could get more points than us, and with both sides already out of contention, we have automatically secured a spot at Worlds!

The 2016 World Championship will take place across the United States from September 29th to October 29th. The group stage will take place in San Francisco, while the playoffs will be held at three different cities: Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

G2 is the fourth team confirmed for the event, joining EDward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up and ROX Tigers. The remaining 12 teams will be determined in the following weeks.

Information about our team’s preparation for Worlds is forthcoming, so keep checking our website and our social media channels for all the latest updates.

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