G2 Esports to reinforce its HQ and create esports hub in Berlin

G2 has enjoyed unprecedented growth and success since its relocation to Berlin. It is our goal to make Berlin the key city in which we will be able to welcome all of our European supporters with open arms.

Step by step Berlin has established itself as a European esports hub and home of big publishers such as Riot Games, Epic Games, dozens of esports related companies and organizations as well as important European and worldwide tournaments. G2 Esports opened its Berlin office in 2017 to be in the center of action and to have its Headquarters where the big stakes happen.

G2 has enjoyed unprecedented growth and success since its relocation to Berlin. We have built our offices from scratch and grew our organization to over 65 people. In the last two years our teams have won over 50 trophies, including the last 4 EU LCS Championships and we tell you, this is just the beginning.

We are convinced that this is the right time for us to increase our focus in the Western World as a whole, especially considering the great efforts Riot Games are doing in elevating the LCS to become the ultimate league. G2 Esports is currently in search for a new training facility in Berlin which will also be open for the community as a fan hub for special occasions and events. This location will serve as a bootcamp space for all of our teams, including League of Legends, CS:GO and Rocket League, who have built G2 Esports into the powerhouse it is today. It will also allow us to bring fan interaction opportunities to the next level, further growing what is today one of the greatest army of fans in the industry. It is our goal to make Berlin the key city in which we will be able to welcome all of our European supporters with open arms. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to be notified when the next meetup is going to be held!

Changes in Spain

After observing an immense growth within global esports, we feel that now is the right time to put all effort into building an unbreakable central core with further potential of expanding to other countries/continents and opening local offices there. The new structure is built around one main operations center in Berlin, waving G2 office in Madrid farewell. As a result, G2 Esports will also be ceasing operation with all its Spanish teams. From April 1st onward, our operations in the Spanish esports leagues cease, while we ensure, with utmost certainty, that all our players find a home that provides them with a stable and healthy environment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the project and especially the support we received from our Spanish fans. The incredible growth we have gone through in record time would have never been possible without you.

We believe in grassroots and academy teams to carry our competitive and branding success forward in the future. However, the still growing and not fully developed grassroots scene has yet to be smoothly integrated into existing global tournaments and league ecosystems. The current structure has made it difficult for us to combine our rising talent with our internationally acclaimed lineups. We are ready to challenge the status quo, and help develop a setting in which semi-professional teams become a perfect solution for organizations seeking to raise and promote new talent.

While we restructure our approach to academy teams, we will await for the right moment to compete in the Spanish scene again. We will remain absolutely dedicated to our Spanish Armada, the most fierce of all our fan bases.

Follow G2 Esports on social media, it is our goal to become the best international organization with the greatest Spanish quality content in the world. We love you and appreciate you a lot.

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