G2 Esports Rocket League team – ELEAGUE Cup Champions

We’ve finally made it! On December 3rd, in a very close series, G2 Esports Rocket League team snatched the much desired victory in a win against Gale Force.

The Rocket League and G2 Esports fans have waited for a premier tournament victory for quite a good while ande are extremely grateful for all the patience and support we’ve gotten along the way. We can’t be happier that our boys have made it! Last weekend in ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, JKnaps, Kronovi and Rizzo managed to win their first major LAN event. The trio brought a ton of entertainment to the fans and kept our heart racing up to the very last moment. ELEAGUE has called G2 Esports, the North American sweethearts, and we totally feel that our boys have earned this name with their charm and charisma. However, now we’re not only sweet and charming but also a powerhouse that will not stop with just this one victory.

The games were close but we are excited we could prove ourselves against the very best, the tournament favorites and recent RLCS World Champions, Gale Force. In a very entertaining best-of-seven series, it went all the way to seven games. And we must admit, Gale Force’s players were defending themselves like beasts. So many of our shots didn’t go through because of their impeccable defense. But we were hungry, pushy, aggressive and it all paid off in the end. We’ve gotten the confetti our players have been dreaming of for a while now and an extra $70,000 of prize pool money to sweeten the deal for all the hard work our players have put in.

Huge thank you to all who supported us and tons of love to JKnaps, Kronovi and Rizzo, the greatest dancers, the strongest mountains and our greatest pride!

Title Photo Credit: ELEAGUE

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