G2 Esports Scavenger Hunt Terms & Conditions

  • To participate in the daily prize drawing you will need to
    • Have a stamp of each partner booth (AOC, Aorus, Logitech and Paysafecard) on the same Scavenger-Map.
    • Fill out the map with your first and last name on both provided fields 
    • Submit the completed map to one of our partner booths before 4.45pm each day
    • Be present at the prize draw at 5pm on each day at the respective booth (see schedule); otherwise a new winner will be drawn 
    • Be able to present the counterpart of your map to retrieve the win
  • The Scavenger-Map is only valid for one day and one prize draw. All submitted Scavenger-Maps will be discarded after the prize draw each day at 5pm 
  • The prize draw at 5pm shifts location each day. Please consult our schedule to find your respective prize drawing location
  • All prizes are subject to change
  • We reserve the right to change the Scavenger-Hunt schedule. Please refer to our Landing Page for updated information

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