G2 Esports sign Rocket League World Champions

Today, we mark the beginning of a new era in G2 Esports as we join forces with the Rocket League World Champions.

G2 Esports is pleased to announce the signing of a brand new Rocket League team, meaning the club ventures into a new division of esport with a bright future ahead. The game has proven to be one of the most interesting and fastest growing new games and we’re proud to add our grain of sand to grow the industry at the best of our ability.slack_for_ios_upload

We’ve signed none less than the standing World Champions, the former iBUYPOWER Cosmic roster, previously known as Cosmic Aftershock, consisting of captain Cameron “Kronovi” Bills, Brandon “Lachinio” Lachin and Ted “0ver Zer0” Keil. The team also counts the Rocket League superstar Cody “Gambit” Dover, a former player of the team, in the manager role. He’s also swinging the whip as the team’s coach.

For the majority of the players, Rocket League is their first competitive outbreak and personal meeting with the world of esports, although Kronovi has been playing Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars (SARPBC) at a top level for 6 years before Rocket League came out. The team will also be the first ever Rocket League team to achieve their dream; to be able to live off their player salaries only and dedicate their full time to their passion.

The trio have already remarked themselves numerous times during their careers, peaking when they took the Rocket League Championship title in August 2016. They aim to keep up the stream of fantastic results in the G2 jersey, performing as one of the game’s oldest teams still in business. Since the original formation in July 2015, the team has reigned supreme on the North American scene, scooping up impressive win streaks of 49 defeated series and multiple #1 rankings on NA soil before they conquered the World Championship-title in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Delving into Psyonix’ sports-action game means that we are also looking forward to deliver a new world of content to our fans and raise the bar within the game. All of the players are avid streamers, who will work hard to provide an insight into the world of Rocket League for old as well as new players to the game

Our Chief Gaming Officer, Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski, gave the following statement about the club’s expansion to Rocket League: “G2 is the embodiment of competitive gamers. We thrive to be the champions in every game. It comes with no surprise that our next team also represents that philosophy, as they are already the Rocket League World Champions – but, this is just the beginning for them, young and hungry, they want more. It’s a pleasure for me that G2 is being the first premiere club in RL. We will do everything in our power to help our players grow and the scene grow. Let’s play some ball with rocket powered cars!

The team’s first official showing with the G2 tag will be the Rocket League Championship Series 2 NA Qualifier #1 this coming weekend, from which the four best teams from each region will qualify for the $250,000 International Finals event.

We are very proud to support the standing Rocket League World Champions in their hunt for more titles and excited for what the future has to offer.

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