G2 partners with esports communications agency The Story Mob

We’re super excited to announce that G2 Esports will be collaborating with the world’s leading esports communications consultancy, The Story Mob.

At G2 Esports, we believe that excellent communication with our fans, partners and sponsors is critical for a leading esports brand – especially one that represents esports on a global stage.  Part of challenging ourselves to communicate better, means partnering with the right experts. We’re super excited to announce that G2 will be collaborating with the world’s leading esports communications consultancy, The Story Mob.

“The Story Mob’s founders Kalie, Anna and Nicola have helped to level up communications and PR within esports for multiple years,’ said Carlos Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of G2 Esports. ‘G2 Esports’ ambition to spread its wings globally requires strategic partners with that kind of knowledge, credibility and experience. We’re thrilled to work with these three rockstars in building the ultimate entertainment experience.”

We’ve known the PR pros behind The Story Mob for years and worked with them during their time at Riot, ESL and BITKRAFT Esports Ventures. We couldn’t think of a better team to help us streamline and improve how we talk to fans, business partners and the world – getting esports in the minds of more people and businesses, and pushing our fantastic industry forward.

“We believe so much in both Carlos and G2 Esports’ mission to be one of the most successful and innovative teams in the world, and we are thrilled to provide them with best in class communications,” commented Kalie Moore, Co-Founder of The Story Mob.

You can check out more about The Story Mob here, and give them a follow here!

We’re looking forward to working with them, and there’s a lot in the pipeline – so keep your eyes peeled for exciting news!

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