G2 Esports and Vodafone Spain strengthen partnership

G2 Esports and Vodafone Spain are extending partnership for another year transcending from regional level and bringing in more international focus.

We are pleased to announce that our successful collaboration with Vodafone has reached another milestone. We strengthen our bonds prolonging our partnership and expanding it to the global level. In addition to that G2 Esports and Vodafone are strengthening their presence in the Spanish esports scene with a recent addition of G2.Vodafone CS:GO roster, which within the last weeks has already proved its strength in the local ESL Masters CS:GO Spain league.

About G2 Esports and Vodafone Spain collaboration

G2 Esports founder, owner and CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez Santiago believes that the collaboration with Vodafone is essential moving forward with international presence. Also he is sure that addition of the new CS:GO roster will greatly help to contribute to the growing esports scene: “With our newest addition, we are bringing more force to our ambitious collaboration with Vodafone. We are committed to esports and are extremely glad to have such a strong partner sharing our passion and helping us to contribute to the growth and development of competitive gaming.”

We are committed to esports and are extremely glad to have such a strong partner sharing our passion.

Cristina Barbosa, Director of Brand & Comms at Vodafone Spain, says: “We reaffirm our commitment to esports as a sports phenomenon and as entertainment for an entire generation. We want to continue creating valuable interaction and providing the best connectivity to the teams so they can continue to enjoy their passion and reach the best possible results.”

Vodafone Spain’s route in esports began in February 2016 when the Spanish telecommunications company in collaboration with G2 Esports formed the G2.Vodafone League of Legends team that is competing in top tier Spanish league ‘LVP’ (Liga de Videojuegos Profesional). In April 2016 Vodafone launched the TV show called ‘Gamers’. Broadcasted on MTV the show brought to audience’s attention the daily life of the professional G2.Vodafone players.

Meet our G2.Vodafone CS:GO squad

Our new G2.Vodafone CS:GO squad embodies passion for the game and experience. We are excited to have welcomed EasTor, Enanoks, AEROZ, Peelk and NMT to our ranks. All of them are great players and ambitious personalities who will work hard to dominate Spain and beyond.

Four out of five our G2.Vodafone CS:GO members have been playing together for a while and have already showed strong performances. In December 2016 EasTor, Enanoks, AEROZ and Peelk lifted the champion trophy of the GAMERGY LVP División de Honor. This accomplishment has a special significance within the community as the title defines the best CS:GO team in Spain. NMT’s name is also well-known around the Spanish CS:GO scene, and we believe that his good aim, great map knowledge and self-confidence will prove to be valuable assets for the team.

“Our goal right now is to be one of the best teams in Spain and we would like to reach a good level in Europe as well. We are convinced that this will be the result of our consistency working as a team and, above all, the good atmosphere that we have,” – EasTor says.

G2.Vodafone CS:GO roster:

Support/Entry: Alfredo ‘Enanoks’ Alvarez
Support: Marcos ‘AEROZ’ González
In-game Leader/AWP: Rajohn ‘EasTor’ Gumangan
All-rounder: Carlos ‘Peelk’ Barrio
Entry Fragger: Aaron ‘NMT’ Awad

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