G2.Kinguin expands to Overwatch

G2.Kinguin is delighted to announce that it has expanded to Overwatch, Blizzard’s latest title. Our players come from several countries across Europe and were among the most successful in the Team Fortress 2 scene.

We are delighted to announce that we are entering the competitive scene of Blizzard’s upcoming shooter, Overwatch, with the acquisition of a team to represent our club. We strongly believe that Overwatch has the potential to be a big esports title, and, as a club that strives to be ahead of the curve at all times, we could not miss the opportunity to venture with a talented and experienced roster into what will be an exciting competitive scene.

Joining our ranks are Hugo “Flippy” Perhirin, Seb “Numlocked” Barton, Stefan “schocky” Berends, Michael “Mike” Adams, Théo “Tek” Guillebaud and Jean-Louis “KnOxXx” Boyer. These are all players with some respectable achievements to their names in the Team Fortress 2 scene, both online and offline, and we are sure that they will fly G2.Kinguin’s colours high as soon as Overwatch tournaments start rolling in! Finally, we will have Michael “Mitsy” Debus, who will serve as the team’s manager and substitute player.

G2.Kinguin’s Chief Gaming Officer, Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski, gave the following statement about the club’s expansion to Overwatch:

“As an avid gamer and veteran of FPS games (and a fan of Blizzard) I was incredibly excited when Overwatch was announced. I can’t imagine that this title won’t be a competetive blast, the combination of FPS and MOBA genres will make this game unique across esports, so it was natural for me to search for a skilled and aspiring team which will represent our colors and values. I’m very proud to say that G2 is one of the first clubs that is bringing its own team for Overwatch, which I’m already a huge fan of. We can’t wait for the tournaments to come and competition that will appear in the future. Mark my words: G2 will be the best! Please welcome our new team!”

Stefan “schocky” Berends shared his thoughts about joining G2 and his expectations for Overwatch, saying:

“We’re all really excited to have been given the opportunity to work with G2. Each member of our team brings a wealth of relevant experience that has huge potential to take us far in Overwatch, and with G2’s support and Blizzard working hard on the esports side of the game, we’re excited for what the future holds.”

Scroll through the following graphic to get to know our new players and their past achievements:



Top image courtesy of Mac117

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